feed the body, feed the soul

Miss Me Not Farm has been boarding horses in Washoe Valley, Nevada since 2001 and producing organically-grown fruits, vegetables and berries since 2011.

We offer professional pasture and stall boarding, and we sell our peak-of-ripeness produce to individuals, families, retreat centers, restaurants, and stores via our CSA membership options as well as direct sales.

In addition to our produce options, we sell fresh raw honey made here on our farm by Sierra View Honey bees.

In keeping with our Quaker history as a family, we operate our small farm according to Quaker principles. These include the following:

  • Personal and financial integrity
  • Sustainability in an environmental sense as well as a broad definition of responsibility
  • Nonviolence and peace
  • Community
  • Simplicity

To us, our work is a daily and long-term contribution to what Gandhi referred to as "the constructive program." This means building personal, economic and societal structures that are in full alignment with our most deeply held values.

Our farm and ranch endeavors are in symbiotic relationship to each other and to the land that hosts us. We have been deeply inspired by other farmers with similar goals of improving the land rather than depleting it. We strive to cohabit the eastern Sierra Nevada in ways which strengthen and stabilize the wild residents' habitat, rather than contribute to its destruction. We installed several solar arrays to provide almost all the electricity we use. Over time, we are using permaculture methods to make maximum use of the limited water resources of our alpine desert climate.

We invite you to come and share our vision:

Enjoy the Sierras with us! Come feed your body, and your soul as well.