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German Oldenburg Horse Breeding Program

The Story of Miss Me Not

Our German Oldenburg Horse Breeding

Our small German Oldenburg (GOV) horse breeding program began in 2004 when we first bred the mare for whom we named the farm: Miss Me Not. Otherwise known as “Moomen,” she showed in her 28 year lifetime a kind of courage and heart that is rare among people and animals. She was rescued at three from the Thoroughbred racing world by dressage trainer Rachel Allgood—gaunt, starving, with a cracked cannon bone. Rachel fully rehabilitated Miss Me Not, also known back then as “Missy,” both physically and mentally, and gave her a 2nd career as a three-day eventer who could take four foot fences with aplomb.

Dressage, however, soon became the third and most natural athletic career for Miss Me Not. The mare’s perfectionism, sensitivity, phenomenal work ethic, and athletic ability combined with Rachel’s patient teaching to reach Prix St. George. Then, the leftover effects of an old starting gate injury to an SI joint made it clear that correct upper level collection was becoming too taxing for Moomen.

So Rachel “retired” Miss Me Not to her fourth career as a lesson horse for her serious students who were committed to correctness. Moomen’s sensitivity enabled the rider to feel a response at the slightest of aids, which meant feeling the connection, self-carriage, collection, power, and impulsion of an upper level dressage horse even while working on correct second or third level frames.

It’s a colt!

At fourteen, Rachel leased Miss Me Not for breeding to Contucci, a successful Hanoverian stallion known for siring successful top dressage and eventing horses. Consensus, the 2000 foal from that union, found a home with eventer Julie Norman Hamburger who brought him along to become a formidable Rolex competitor. Thus began Miss Me Not’s fifth and final career: as a broodmare.

Here at Miss Me Not Farm, we bred our farm’s namesake three times to GOV approved stallions: Feiner SternRoutinier, and DeLuxe. We have info about the three lovely foals Moomen gave us in 2004, 2006 and 2008 that we would be happy to share upon request.

Moomen’s two daughters Mandinka and Mia are, like their mother, registered in the Main Mare Book of GOV, and we are excited to carry on Miss Me Not’s mare line through them in the years to come. If you are interested in considering a broodmare lease of Mandinka or Mia, or would like to consider purchasing a young horse from us from this mare line, please contact us.

We finally had to say good-bye to Moomen in early 2017, after she had a well-earned nine years at pasture in a true retirement. We will miss her forever.