in-season produce harvested
at its peak of ripeness

Miss Me Not Farm CSA Program

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is an increasingly popular model for small farmers that eliminates the “middle man” between growers and buyers, and therefore allows growers to keep more of the value of what they have worked so hard to produce. Just as importantly, this “subscription farm” model enables you to know your farmer and to see how your food is grown. Do you ever worry about the safety of our society's massive "food grid" production and distribution system? Buying directly from a farmer you trust at a farm you are welcome to visit is the answer.

Fresh, peak-of-ripeness produce is known for its delicious flavor, but did you know that its nutritional value is far and away higher than anything transported over a distance that waits on a shelf for you at a store or market? Many healthcare professionals, including oncologists, are recommending that their patients consume as much organic, peak-of-ripeness vegetables, fruits and berries as possible as a crucial part of health care and response to illness.

Our CSA program works as follows:

In exchange for your pre-paid commitment, we will provide you with a variety of produce according to what is ready to harvest for the duration of the program. You will supply us with two (hopefully recyclable) boxes, and we will pack one of them each week with freshly-harvested produce. Then you will pick up your box with your weekly share of the harvest either at our farm, or at a possible drop-off location in Reno, Washoe Valley, or Carson City on pre-arranged days.

What will I get each week in the CSA?

All year round we grow naturally (no chemicals!) a seasonal assortment of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and berries, and you will receive a “share” of the harvest each week of your 10 week Membership. The assortment you receive will vary in amount and type according to the seasonal progression of earlier to later crops, but generally will fall between 4-8 pounds. You will be eating in-season produce harvested at its peak of ripeness - therefore at its most nutritious and delicious!

You will receive tasty recipes, cooking and storage tips for your produce, and the opportunity to purchase additional products we sometimes offer in limited quantities: like farm-fresh eggs, honey, jellies and jams, pies, etc.. And if you love eggs, ask us about our egg CSA program!

Bear in mind that because we are at an elevation of 5200 feet, some types of produce might mature a few weeks later at our farm than they will in the lower valleys.