Great Pyrenees Breeding Program

For over a decade, living next to the most active black bear habitat in Nevada, we struggled to keep the bears out of our orchard—even with tall non-climb fencing fortified by five strands of super charged hot wire. Then a few years ago we were humbled and amazed to discover through friends the most awesome [in our opinion!] livestock guardian dog breed in existence: the Great Pyr.

Great Pyrenees were bred for thousands of years to partner with humans to love their families and guard their territory, herds and flocks—like goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc.—from predators. When we learned that the warmth of the Great Pyr could extend to our residential ranch hands and farm helpers, and that they could guard our orchards, gardens, chickens, sheep (and goats in the future) from the local wildlife, we knew we had found the ideal solution. Elsa and Loki are now our furry-white, loyal, brave, and loving intruder patrol.

Elsa came to us in 2014, and then Loki came along in 2015. They patrol the orchard, gardens, and nearby areas, and they are [in our opinion!] the most lovable canine people you could ever meet. They keep our wild neighbors out of our growing habitats way more effectively than hot wire ever did, and we are extremely grateful.

We salute the Great Pyrenees and their innate partnering with humans living this kind of rural life, and we look forward to providing other families, farmers and ranchers with puppies who will make their lives easier and bring them the noble friendship that only the Great Pyrenees can offer. Please let us know if you would like to be added to our list of people who want to be contacted when we are ready to breed our good friends Elsa and Loki.